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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blogs I Read


Air withdraws into nostrils quickly. The mouth opens wide. The tongue recedes within. A deep drawn-out sound comes forth, accompanied with warm air. I realize its a yawn. Arms are raised above the head. Fingers are clasped together and pushed backward. Muscles are stretched. The butt is clenched...once. I go online.


I open India Uncut. The headlines show no change. The yawn comes again. I close the window. Another window opens. Now its Desipundit. I see a pleasing headline. The white rodent squeaks as a finger is depressed.


This blog opens. Eyes move left to right. A line is taken in. The procedure is repeated. Mouth curves upward slightly, at a corner. The yawning has stopped. I wonder if it will come again. Eyes continue scanning text. The mind reacts. Lips pull themselves back. Yellow enamel is visible. Eyes become crinkly, as laughter is heard. But I miss my yawning.


I march onward to Metroblogging Mumbai. The blogger meet account is duly read. Pictures are admired. The mind is struck by the last picture. I wonder who the girl in the cream dress is. She looks nice. And that smile is the clincher. The heart beats a little faster.


Maybe she's EvenStar (or maybe not!....I dont know). Her dog blog is found and digested. Images are seen, and admiration comes. A comment is added. The profile is opened, and Zorrino stares back. This post is read. It sounds familiar. Who is this girl?


An itch appears between the hair. The head tilts down and left. A pointed finger scratches back and forth. The itch curses and disappears. Alien beings appear on the horizon. They wear masks of known people. The chair is pushed back. Arms move up. Fingers are clenched and pushed backward. The butt is clenched...once. Legs straighten, and the head rushes onward to meet the sky.


At 5:54 AM, May 25, 2006, Blogger Selma Mirza said...

Hey there! I was just wondering... why do you have two blogs?

Sometimes I wonder if I will stop writing completely someday and have images that speak for themselves.

I guess then I will switch to flickr.


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